Hey there,

I name is Araceli Carolina. My plan has always been to earn a living online so I can travel the world and nourish my soul. I am into living a life of freedom – you know, doing what I want when I want, and, I don’t believe in working harder, but SMARTER.  I love staying busy, making money, and helping others. I hope my blog is able to inspire and encourage you to remember who you are & help you be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

I’m not here to impress, convince you I’m nice, I’m not here to look good and most importantly not here to prove anything to anyone. I started a blog 2 years ago, I posted 1 blog, got bored and left (I get bored easily)  this time I am back as REGINA GEORGE from mean girls, because Regina is always fun. Haha. Hopefully I stick around this time because I have a lot of juicy stuff to share.

You will love this blog if you want to:

  •  Quit your Day Job & Become an Entrepreneur (If I did it, so can you)
  • Run your own Business & Make money from anywhere
  • Develop yourself to become more Productive – Super Human
  • Find that “Thing” you are destined to do
  • Stay healthy, physically and emotionally
  • Work from ANYWHERE in the world! (You don’t need a job! AND you don’t need to be stuck in an office 😉

If you’d like for me to talk about a specific topic, answer questions, or you need advice in something, click the CONTACT button somewhere on my page and send your questions over.

With so much Love, XOXO